Why you need wedding coordinators


Every bride (and groom) dreams of a perfect wedding, a day without any hassles or complications. This is why you take months or even years to prepare for the big day. Still, it can be hard for you to make sure that the ceremony and reception go smoothly if you are busy being the blushing bride on the day of your wedding! This is why you will need wedding coordinators on your big day.

On-the-day coordinators manage the details of your wedding day, making sure everything turns out the way you planned it. They make sure everything and everyone is in the proper place at the right time. Their main focus is to run the day smoothly while the bride and groom (and all of their guests) enjoy the day.

Many DIY brides are very hands on and plan out every detail of their wedding day. Once all of the plans are made, the bride should be allowed to walk down the aisle with a bouquet of flowers, rather than a clip board. When you devote so much time and effort to the planning of your wedding, you want to make sure you find a qualified professional who will carry out those plans. I think we agree that you don’t want to look like this on your big day:



Here are four reasons why having on-the-day coordinators is important for your wedding day:

order1. They will make sure your suppliers are in place and performing well.
You will be too busy enjoying your big day to even make sure that all your suppliers are doing their part of the job. The last thing you want to happen is for your day to get ruined because you realize that a vendor is not doing well. Also, if you are concerned about making arrangements for the vendors to be paid after the ceremony, your coordinator can take care of that.

2. They will assist you and your guests.
Even without coordinators, your maid of honor will be at your service the entire time, but who will make sure your guests are doing okay? Coordinators will advise your families and wedding entourage on what to do during the ceremony and reception. They will guide and usher your guests on where to go and what to do.

3. They will look after the cleanup.
Once both the ceremony and the reception are done, the wedding coordinators will oversee the pack up and cleaning phase. They will also help to collect the bride and groom’s belongings and turn it over to a relative or to the couple at a later date.

4.They will manage any trouble that may arise, without you even having to know it.
Most important of all, your coordinators will be prepared to handle any emergency that may arise, and there is usually at least one. The advantage is that they will fix it without letting you know unless absolutely necessary. This way, you don’t get stressed with anything during your day.

Wedding coordinators can be hired months before the wedding, but do not usually get involved in the process until a month before the wedding. At this time the coordinator usually makes contact to ensure that all of the suppliers, contracts, and any other small details are properly aligned. With all of the details in place, the wedding day will run more smoothly. They simply make sure everything works out according to the plans of the bride.


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