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Who doesn’t love The Lego Movie?


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Courage’s birthday wish for his 6th birthday — a Lego™ party! And ACTS Events was there to fulfill it.

01 Birthday Celebrant

On a clear summer day of April, Courage welcomed guests streaming in. They were greeted by loads of balloons. Children and their parents found their places at the big, round dining tables, but the cute, little guests were given a special place with the birthday boy. ACTS puts together a mini dining hall near the main stage, littered with more Lego™ building blocks!

venue set up 04 centerpiece

A birthday party for children is no party at all without candies and play. So, ACTS Events made sure that these two important priorities of Courage’s VIP guests are covered during the birthday party. For the sweet toothed, a Lego™-themed candy station was set up, loaded with gums, chocolates, and pops! There, the kids—and their parents–were able to get all the sweets they like.

activity candy bar


For the tireless little feet, near the candy station is an inflated playground. Parents can get a much-needed breather from their energetic toddlers—because of the sugar rush from candy station—by having them play inside the inflated playground’s air-tight slides and mini-obstacles.

05 play area 11205972_10152726829161536_4191690487585288057_n

Courage snacked with his friends on tables and chairs spruced up with the colors and familiar blocks of the popular educational toy. Then, they were treated to an after-dinner fun, awe, and laughter with a slight of hand of a magician. A birthday party for children can’t get any better!

06 host 10959534_10152726840946536_3290530245912168638_n 11204426_10152726877856536_8399844842066233306_n

ACTS Events arranged the Lego™-themed party so that it culminates with a birthday song and wishes for Courage. All guests—big and small—gathered around a table, where guests couldn’t wait to get their hands on the cupcakes, loot bags, and a slice of the Lego™-themed cake.

cake 11000109_10152726825706536_271776388780317252_n

But the best is yet to come! Courage was surprised by the arrival of his favorite character from The Lego Movie, the Master Builder himself—Emmet—as a piñata! It is loaded with lots of building-block toys inside, and that the child in every parent’s heart is unleashed. They also scrambled for one of the toy boxes!

11063472_10152726826901536_7872906523743560869_n 11051210_10152726893171536_8908192559112198635_n 11205502_10152726894491536_1332735438697328069_n

One child’s wish came true! And ACTS Events was there to turn it into a lasting memory.

11196308_10152726860676536_2867537187925059143_n 11188469_10152726840246536_6322080487836520386_n 11168771_10152726904801536_5706451577010293820_n 11039288_10152726856011536_7718738030018374018_n

Date: April 26, 2015

Venue: Dominguez Garden Provident Village

Caterer: Dominguez Garden Catering

Event Stylist: ACTS Event Management

Cake: Jing Navarro

Program Coordination: ACTS Event Management

Host/ Magician: kastofklowns

Coordination: ACTS Event Management

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